ResHex 0.61 is available!

You can find it here.

Release notes:

  • Added ability to space out hex values
  • Added auto update feature.
    • In order to support auto-updating, there will no longer be a zip download option
    • Updates are checked for periodically, or can be checked manually via ‘Help > Check for Updates’.
  • Switched to MSVC++ and InstallShield for distribution. Using MinGW was too restrictive. The MSVC++ redistributable will be downloaded and installed automatically if not already installed.

Known Issues:

  • If there are no updates available and ‘Help > Check for Updates’ is clicked, no prompt is given informing the user there are no updates.
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  1. Thank you Chris. I’m sure you’ve already been thanked but I love your initiative to do it by yourself and program something wonderful like this.


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