ResHex – Resolution to Hex Calculator

ResHex is a simple calculator to fill a niche that nobody else wanted to write. It allows for the conversion of resolutions used in games to their equivalent horizontal/vertical hex values, and their value in the IEEE 754 standard.

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Main Screen

From here, it’s pretty simple. You can set the desired horizontal and vertical resolution, and select endianness. The default is little endian, as that’s what x86 is.








ResHex2.PNGFill in Single Values

You can fill in a single value to get its hex equivalent immediately. The program updates as you type.









Fill in multiple values

When you fill in multiple values, their combined hex value is shown in the Combined Hex Window. This is calculated based on the IEEE 754 floating point standard.









ResHex4.PNGFill in resolutions over 9000

If you have a resolution greater than 9000, it’s cover










Use Big Endian

And if you have a need for big endian, just hit the drop down box.










Latest Version: v0.61 (12/19/2015)

Windows Installer  (9MB)


Old Versions:

v0.51 beta (11/20/2015)

Windows Installer (6.1MB)

Zip Download (7.7MB)